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Lament of a soggy dog walker

by b Hall

Remember in the summer when everyone said;

“What a wonderful job! you must leap out of bed!”

But summers are short as everyone knows

The sun soon gives way to rain, wind and snow.

Sun-cream and shorts are soon packed away

In favour of waterproof coats every day.

Still the rain finds a way though every small crack,

It drips in your ear and it runs down your back.

Wresting with poo bags as the wind blows a gale,

On top of a hill being pelted by hail.

Boots thick with mud, a nose that’s bright red

Some mornings it’s hard just to crawl out of bed!

As you look at the forecast, praying, ‘don’t let it snow’

You wonder, ‘where did all of that job envy go?’

House full of towels, all muddy and wet

The smell of damp dog is everywhere – yet…

Watching the dogs all having such fun

Not really caring if it’s rain, snow or sun.

Such games to be played, of ball and of chase,

Puddles to splash in, it’s really quite ace!

So despite all the wind, the mud and the rain,

And in spite of the fact you might here me complain

Of icy cold fingers, and chillblains on toes,

Of windburn on cheeks and a red, runny nose.

Whether basking in sunshine or lost in the fog,

I’m happy as long as I’m there with a dog.


This is a wonderful poem that sums up what all the TLC Dog Walking team deal with on a daily basis:

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