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TLC CoviD-19 Pledge

We all agree on a pledge to keep us as safe as possible and reduce covid-19




The “TLC Pledge” is a plan to help us all return to work in a safe environment, restore our livelihoods and reboot our countries economy.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving threat facing England and the world. The health and safety of West Yorkshire remains our number one priority. Much of our current success in this fight is because Yorkshire people naturally choose to put each other first and voluntarily adopt safe, new habits. It is that community spirit that has been fighting this pandemic, and it’s the same community spirit that will rebuild our economy.

The TLC Pledge asks clients to provide safe working conditions that protect both TLC team members and the families, while securing their livelihoods. This plan also asks team members to commit to protecting themselves, their fellow team members, and the families they serve. Finally, we encourage every TLC Family to be on the same team with our business: act responsibly by following recommended guidelines for social distancing, hygiene and wearing protective equipment when appropriate.

On our walks, we will avoid other walkers by going to locations that are as remote as possible.  If we meet other team members we will socially distance, however, our dogs have been having to isolate too, and this is not good for their mental health and social skills, so we will be allowing our dogs to play with other dogs in the TLC family, but we will avoid dogs that are not part of our family wherever possible.  Dogs may be on leads more than we usually like if it is not possible to keep them away from other dogs or members of our local community.

Only by working together as a community can we successfully reboot our economy—a vital component of our lives, security and liberty—and successfully move past this public health crisis.

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