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Professional Pet Care Information

What Dog Dog Walking Entail?  See Link Below and FAQs

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Dog Walking
Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
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We currently have three teams who operate in and around the Halifax, Bradford, Brighouse and Elland area but are planning to expand to further areas.   Although we do try to keep the dogs as close together as possiblel, this is not always possible so you must be willing to travel and you must also have your own transport and a full clean driving licence. In addition, you must have internet access as you will be required to access your calendar daily and send daily photos to us of your dogs enjoying themselves.

We are looking for self motivated individuals who are previous or present dog owners, you must also be willing to obtain a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB) with the ability to organise your day according to work load. You will receive 28 days paid holiday per year, the successful candidate must be available between 10am and 3pm Monday - Friday, term time and holidays with extra hours available.

How many hours will I work a day?

Walking hours are usually Monday to Friday, one hour long walk with collection and drop off round the walk. Some walkers do two walks and most walks are between 11am and 2pm, there are some clients require out of hours walks though if you want extra money.

Will I be able to walk close to my home?

We try to keep walkers as close to their home as possible, however if there are no dogs available near you or there is already another team member covering near, we try to ensure all your dogs you are walking are as close as possible to each other.

Can I smoke at work?

As with all businesses, you must not smoke around the dogs or in any vehicle you will be transporting them in.

Will there be a fuel allowance?

No, this is incorporated into your wage

Can I walk on a Saturday and Sunday?

Occasionally we have dog walks or pet visits to do on a Saturday and Sunday, it is not compulsory but optional.

Can I walk my own dog at the same time?

Definitely, as long as they are social, however you can only walk 4 dogs at a time after your probation period, during which you can only walk two dogs at a time unless there are more from one family.

Will I need to pay for the DBS check and if so, will the company reimburse me for that?

You will need to pay for your first DBS.  The company will pay for any that are required after that one.

Do I get paid per dog or per hour?

You get paid per dog and overtime on an evening and weekend.

How much can I earn?

Average income to begin with is around £200 - £400 pcm however more can be earned by working evenings and weekends.  You can also become a self employed home boarder with us if you wish.

Does the hour dog walk include collection and drop off?

No, the dogs must be walked for the full hour, collection and drop off is around the hour.

Can I work just a few days?

All our team must be available Monday to Friday.

I have no experience with dogs, can I still become a professional dog walker?

Yes, you do not need to  have previous experience with dogs, support will be available and coaching will be given, but you must be a natural and not be frightened of any breeds of any size.

Can I receive brand building bonuses

Yes, you will receive a generous rewards package for bringing new custom to the business.

How will I know what work I have on a daily basis?

You will have access to an online calendar and you must check your calendar around 9am in a morning for the days schedule.

Do I need a smart phone?

Yes, you must have a smart phone so that you can be contacted at all times while working, but also so you can check in and out of a clients house, so you need some data and GPS turned on.

I do not use social media, is that OK?

For business, you will need a business Facebook account to take photos daily and upload them to our private group page.

Can I leave the dirty dogs in the house for the client to clean?

Absolutely note, the dogs will need towelling down when necessary.

Do I get a company discount?

Yes, as a team member, you immediately become part of the TLC Family Club, which means you will get a discount off any walks you require, any boarding and any merchandise.

Do I need to be fit to join the team?

No, but you need to be able to push yourself to become fit.  You will need to be able to walk a full hour without a break to begin with, if you get out of breath, that is fine, but you will need to push yourself to becoming two or three hours, with some running in there where needed.  Why pay for a gym when you can get paid to walk dogs?

Will I be employed?

Yes, you will be an employee with a monthly wage.  As an employee, you will receive holiday pay.

Can I be self employed?

No, we employ all our dog walkers so we can ensure brand consistency and training.

Do I need to get my own insurance?

Only for your vehicle.  You are insured for any dogs you take out through the company insurance.

Professional Pet Care Information: FAQ
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