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Home Boarding

Home away from home

Home boarding can be a very pleasurable thing, but it can also be extremely hard.  Taking dogs in who have never been away from home, they may feel abandoned, they may cry.  You may be up all night trying to settle them down.  They may chew in distress.   If you have other animals, they may not get on.

We can not accept home boarders that smoke in their home or vehicle. You must be careful that you have not got any poisonous plants in your garden.

You must have a licence from the local council.  This will be arranged by TLC Dog Walking but they will require to do a home visit to ensure your house is suitable.  You must have a secure garden and a safe house. 

Home from home boarding can be the most rewarding job you could wish for.  It is like having your own dog for a short time, you can love them and play with them and they build a bond with you.  We try to ensure the dogs go to the same homes as long as they are suited, so it could be a relationship that lasts for many years.  

If you feel that you could cope with the negatives to get the positives, please get in touch with us.

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If you feel you have what it takes to be a home boarder, please contact us below.

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